‘Good news for taxpayers’ as two legal teams apply to join forces

Cabinet member for finance and resources Peter Hardy

Cabinet member for finance and resources Peter Hardy

Two Bucks legal teams have applied for permission to set up a joint law firm and if given the go ahead, will be among the first in the UK to do so.

‘Buckinghamshire Law +’ will be formed by solicitors from Bucks County Council and Bucks and Milton Keynes Fire Authority.

It will be a limited company which serves both authorities and offers legal services to other councils, emergency services and charities and is expected to be in operation by the summer.

The move, which is currently being considered by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, will combine the expertise of the teams to create more flexibility and generate income for the county council and fire authority.

Peter Hardy, council cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “In these days of Government pressure on council budgets, we need to be creative and forward thinking, which is good news for our taxpayers, for the council, and for the community generally.”

Anne Davies, head of the council’s legal services, said it will help other public sector organisations that would otherwise go without legal advice - something regulations have prohibited until now.

She said: “It’ll enable us to move with the times and operate in the new business environment in which local authorities have begun to operate,

“We have considerable legal expertise in the legal department and we already provide a very cost effective legal service to our respective councils.

“The move will enable us to offer this to a much greater number of clients.”

Fire authority chief executive Mark Jones said: “I look forward to exploring these mutually beneficial proposals as they will complement my approach to collaborative working and sharing services.”




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