Editor’s Comment: Why I feel the need to talk ‘rubbish’ again

Roger Hawes

Roger Hawes

It was encouraging to hear about plans to put ten more rubbish bins in the town centre to combat litter louts and those who think chucking their chewing gum on the floor is acceptable.

If there is one thing that makes my blood boil it is the unnecessary littering of our town.

I know I am not the only one angry over this and as last year’s Bucks Herald Grot Spot campaign revealed there are plenty who feel the same way.

We want visitors to Aylesbury to enjoy the town. Not take home an image of tat and grot.

So I applaud Aylesbury Town Council’s decision to spend £3,800 on black ‘heritage style’ bins that will include spaces for recyclable items, fag ends and chewing gum.

I used to work in Slough and its town centre pavements were strewn with walked in chewing gum and rubbish filled side streets.

So bad was the problem of chewing gum that when the council spent £4million on new paving it saw fit to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on new machines and drivers to clean the shopping centre paths virtually everyday.

In Aylesbury the district council spend in the region of £1.4 million annually across the Vale cleaning up streets and open spaces and in 2012 some £7,000 was spent just removing chewing gum from pavements in Aylesbury town centre. cleaning the pavements and picking up litter.

The recent cost of putting in some extra bins at least shows as a community we are trying to make things better.

But it doesn’t matter how much cash you throw at a problem like this if you can’t change the thinking of those who are regular offenders you will never win the battle.

Grot Spots are completely avoidable.

All that has to happen is the people of Aylesbury think twice before dropping litter and realise we are all paying for dealing with their mess.

Some years ago tackling the litter louts was high on the political agenda, schools embarked on teaching children not to drop litter and an army of litter police were despatched to hand out on the spot fines for offenders.

Sadly though litter seems to have taken a back seat in the political arena.

But the people of Aylesbury are decent folk and don’t want their town ruined by a selfish and uncaring few.

So now we have some more bins on the way why not use them.

Or just take your litter home.

You know it makes sense.




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