Editor’s Comment: We have short memories when it comes to bad weather

Editors Comment - Roger Hawes - The Bucks Herald

Editors Comment - Roger Hawes - The Bucks Herald


Hardly a day has gone by in recent months when the weather hasn’t been a major talking point.

The great British past time is back with a vengeance. And this week was no different .

Here in Aylesbury and beyond we have had our fair share of the erratic, and at times, bizarre weather conditions.

From crazy hail storms, torrential rain, huge winds, flooding and on Friday even a lightning strike smashing into a block of flats forcing the evacuation of four families.

Down in Watermead you will see the lake spilling over with some of the worst flooding there for 10 years with similar stories from villages across the Vale.

Of course along with these weather chats there is the inevitable ‘I have never known anything like it, it must be global warming’ comments.

But although the conditions are a bit hair raising its not that unusual.

It is amazing how quickly we forget or in many cases don’t remember past extreme weather events.

What we are experiencing, although I am no expert, is probably just a blip in the weather systems.

We think it just can’t get much worse. Well maybe it can.

The weather has always amazed and fascinated us and no doubt will continue to do so – come rain or shine.

Around the world at the moment we have had staggering low temperatures of -50c in parts of America and searing heat once again in Australia.

Asia has experienced unnaturally high rainfalls and don’t forget New York state was hit by a super storm last year.

It’s a fact, weather makes the news.

Here at The Bucks Herald we have been covering our fair share of the weather stories as you would expect but starting next week we take a step into the professional world of weather to see what they have to say about the Vale’s inclement climate.

The weekly column called Weather Watch is being supplied by a team of experts from company MetDesk, based in Wendover.

Their job amongst others, is to advise local authorities and businesses on weather trends and statistical predictions.

Our Weather Watch will give Bucks Herald readers a more informed approach to the ups and downs of the weather trends and reveal some scientific reasons for the erratic happenings.

So when you next run into your neighbour intent on the ‘nice weather for the time of the year’ line, you will have plenty to talk about.

But only if you read The Bucks Herald.




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