Editor’s Comment: Time for Mr Lidington to vote against HS2

Roger Hawes

Roger Hawes


On Monday the country’s MPs will be once again step up to the plate to vote on the second reading of the HS2 Bill.

This is an important stage in the Parliamentary approval process for HS2 and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Now whilst this vote does not 100% guarantee the controversial £50bn railway line will be built, far from it, it is an important step in the next stage of the Government’s master plan.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that all along the proposed phase one line there have been widespread protests against the proposal based on the huge environmental damage, the overall cost and its destruction of communities and historic sites.

Here in Aylesbury Vale this project will have devastating affects. Not just during the six years of construction in our area but to homes and communities in Aylesbury, Wendover, Stoke Mandeville, Fairford Leys, Waddesdon and beyond all of which will never be the same again.

The facts behind the blight and chaos have been well catalogued in this paper and our councils have committed hundreds of thousands of pounds to fight the project in the courts on behalf of its community.

So what has our MP here in Aylesbury David Lidington done on behalf of his constituents?

He has certainly been talking the talk, vowing to fight HS2 every step of the way using his position as a government minister to influence the Prime Minister.

But the one thing Mr Lidington has failed to do yet is stand up and be counted, to represent the wishes of his constituents and simply vote against HS2.

Of course there is a very good reason for his hesitation and he has my sympathy, as a show of rebellion from him will sideline him from his governmental post. He either stays true to the Government or resigns.

Mr Lidington has been conveniently out of the country and unable to take part in any votes so far. So on Monday will he do the right thing, turn up at the House and finally say no to HS2 as is the demand from many constituents?

There are certain times in life you have to say enough is enough and do the right thing.

His Aylesbury Vale voice is very unlikely to change the outcome but he is an MP first and foremost he owes his 12,600 Tory majority.

Vote accordingly, nose to the left and you will get my vote in future and go down in history as a man who stood up for the people he represents.

But let’s wait and see what happens in reality.




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