Editor’s comment: How will I vote in 2015?

Roger Hawes

Roger Hawes

With just over a year to go before the General Election is likely to be called I have found myself already thinking about politics and how I might vote in 2015.

Usually I am not a political animal but recently I have felt the need to flex my democratic muscles.

My wife claims I have lost the plot and I am suffering a mid life crisis.

Even the kids think I am going mad. But I think it is more than that.

To pigeon hole my position, I guess I can be described as a pretty ordinary middle class chap, living in a nice area and fairly financially secure. I have a loving family around me and a worthy job here in Aylesbury.

So why is it I am becoming so irritated about all this political stuff recently?

Here are some of my developing symptoms. I am starting to feel a sense of disappointment from our politicians both nationally and locally. I feel my beliefs of fair play are under siege, former simple processes are being overwhelmed by complications, and our lifestyle and environment are crumbling. Driving on the roads is becoming a chore and everywhere is crowded. My once held faith in true democracy and good sense is taking a battering and I feel I am loosing control of my world.

Could it be time to take to the streets in protest or turn to the politicians for solace?

Previously in this column I have gone on the offensive locally about roads, housing, lifestyle and of course HS2.

In the national arena this current government coalition is also annoying me.

So with my bad political mood set to continue well into 2014 I have taken early doors on the process of rediscovering where my political beliefs lay.

Traditionally I have been brought up a true blue only to be derailed when Tory arrogance pushed me towards the promise of something different under Tony Blair and New Labour.

Back on side I dutifully returned to the Tories four years ago only to be faced with a shackled coalition, which has failed to inspire me.

Struggling in the Labour camp there is the non electable Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg a real outsider and the untried but often tempting UKIP party led by Nigel Farage.

Oh how politics used to be so simple.

Right, left and centre.

So in 2015 where should I put my cross?

I don’t know yet.

I am lost in a political wilderness.

A floating voter.

What do think?




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