Delays and spiraling costs at Walton Court refurb

Walton Court centre development works

Walton Court centre development works

Nearly £1.5 million extra is being spent on a major Aylesbury development project after ‘structural’ problems caused delays.

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust admitted that the Walton Court Centre regeneration, which is creating new shops and homes, has had its budget increased from £11.3m to £12.7m.

Work is nearly a year behind schedule, with the project now expected to be finished in the summer.

It was originally hoped that everything would be up and running by last autumn.

A VAHT spokeswoman said: “Some unavoidable delays have arisen due to unplanned structural issues uncovered as works progressed. This additional work has increased the overall budget, which now stands at £12.7m.”

The Co-op supermarket and Post Office opened to customers at the centre in April 2013, with Boots and Coral due to move into new units shortly and in the spring the Healthy Living Centre will relocate into its new extension while its existing building is refurbished.

Councillor Steven Kennell, who represents the area at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said there was some frustration at the delays.

Mr Kennell said: “If you were a house owner and you were told your extension would be ready by the end of the month and some months later it’s not done, you would be getting quite frustrated.

“It’s something I would loved to have seen done some time ago. I know it’s causing a lot of disruption for those businesses and organisations based there. They’re concerned and want it sorted. It’s not up and running as was advertised with all the benefits that would come.”

However, Mr Kennell said once the centre is complete it should be a boost for the area and prevent anti-social behaviour, which has been a problem in the past.

He said: “I would like to think there will be less trouble because there will be more people around and a lot of money will have been spent.”




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