‘Crematorium’s daily funeral processions will traumatise our children’

Bierton crematorium plan PNL-140503-094834001

Bierton crematorium plan PNL-140503-094834001

Concerned villagers in Bierton have expressed their concern over the effect funeral cortages will have on youngsters if plans for the crematorium go ahead.

The Chiltern Crematoriums Joint Committee held a public meeting in March, where residents were asked for their views and suggestions on the building plans for a site that would carry out 1,000 funerals each year.

The overall majority were happy with the proposal, agreeing that the building was sympathetic and in keeping with the surrounding countryside.

However, one resident felt it wouldn’t be good for the ‘feel good factor’ of the village, and feared the sombre sight would upset children on a daily basis.

They said: “The church is balanced with funerals, which are very sad, but it also holds weddings which are happy and joyous occasions. Funeral cars passing ever hour, clogging our roads and traumatising our children is unacceptable.”

The current plans show that the crematorium will be accessed from the junction between Rowsham Road and the A148 and villagers have implored bosses to look carefully at the potential impact on traffic in the surrounding area.

Some suggestions were to rethink the site completely, blocking off Rowsham Road to traffic, putting up appropriate signage road and the installation of a roundabout at the ‘dangerous’ junction.

One said: “It’s very difficult to exit Great Lane at present. Add two cortages per hour travelling at 20mph and difficult would become impossible. A relief is simply a must if this proposal is accepted.”

Another said: “The traffic in Bierton is already reaching breaking point, so to even consider sending more is ludicrous. A procession of slow moving vehicles is insane, and our children shouldn’t be exposed to the above dangers and the constant processions.”

The committee assured residents that their feedback was a valuable element of the design and development process.

It’s expected that the final plans will be submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council in the late spring or early summer and if permission is granted, construction work will begin next year.

A rival application to build a crematorium on land in Watermead, on the north of Aylesbury, was revealed by the Westerleigh Group just weeks after the Bierton plan was unveiled.




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