Court round-up (including shoplifting spree and BHS burglar)

Aylesbury Magistrates Court sign

Aylesbury Magistrates Court sign

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Cases coming before Aylesbury Magistrates Court includes:

JORDON NICHOLAS COX, 23, of Lay Road, Aylesbury. On April 19 in Aylesbury criminally damaged a bathroom wall belonging to a female. Pleaded guilty. Fined £350, costs £85, victim surcharge £35. No compensation ordered because the damage was repaired by a friend free of charge.

VINCENT KUDI MUPINDA, 31, of Alexandra Road, Aylesbury. On February 27 in Market Square, Aylesbury, had in his possession in a public place a Stanley knife. Pleaded not guilty, found guilty. Awaiting sentence.

JULIE CLIFFORD, 39, of Aylesbury. 1) On May 28 stole items worth £16 from Next, Hale Leys, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. 2) Same date, stole items worth £60 from New Look, Hale Leys, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. 3) Same date, stole items worth £4 from Superdrug, Friars Square, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. 4) Same date, stole items worth £13 from Boots, Hale Leys, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. Community order made. Clifford must participate in Thinking Ahead For Women probation sessions. Also must pay £60 victim surcharge and £40 costs.

SARFRAZ MOHAMMED, 30, of Harvey Road, Aylesbury. On May 27 burgled an office on the first floor of BHS in Friars Square and stole a wallet. Pleaded guilty. Awaiting sentence.

AARON SHAUN PULLEN, 22, of no fixed abode. On April 24 entered as a trespasser into Stoke Mandeville Hospital and stole confectionery items. Pleaded guilty. Fined £50, victim surcharge £20. No costs ordered due to lack of means.

KAMIL STACHYRA, 31, of Humber Drive, Aylesbury. On May 26 failed to provide a specimen of breath for analysis during course of police investigation into drink driving. Pleaded guilty. Disqualified from driving for 12 months, fined £270, costs £85, victim surcharge £27.

BENJAMIN KEVIN RICHARD ALDRED, 21, of Whittingham Avenue, Wendover, ANTHONY MICHAEL HAMPTON, 30, of Penn Road, Aylesbury and ASHLEY PARISH, 24, of Penn Road, Aylesbury. On April 12 jointly attempted to enter as trespassers into a garden shed in Fowler Road, Aylesbury, with intent to steal. All three pleaded guilty. Awaiting sentence.

JUDE LEATHER, 24, of Wigmore Road, Aylesbury. On March 9 in Aylesbury had in his possession a quantity of cannabis, a class B drug. Pleaded guilty. Fined £35, costs £40, victim surcharge £20.

ARRON LEE, 20, of no fixed abode. On May 28 stole sweets worth £7 from Tesco Tring Road, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. Discharged conditionally for 12 months, costs £40, victim surcharge £15.

KIRSTEEN KENNEDY McCULLIE, 34, of Weedon Road, Aylesbury. 1) On April 16 stole a handbag worth £39 from TK Maxx stores, Broadfields, Aylesbury. Pleaded guilty. 2) Committed a further offence during period of a suspended sentence for an offence of theft. Admitted. Awaiting sentence.

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