Burglars from other towns are targetting homes in the Vale



Burglars from other towns are travelling into Aylesbury to commit their crimes police claimed this week.

Thames Valley Police representatives attended a meeting of the Greater Aylesbury Local Area Forum on Monday night, to give an update on their operations.

The forum heard how crime is down in the Vale compared to last year, and that the majority of burglaries are committed by so-called career offenders who travel around raiding homes.

The forum was told that a recent spate of burglaries in Bedgrove were committed by a group of thieves that had travelled in from the other side of the Luton.

The burglars have since been caught and jailed for their crimes.

Councillor Mike Willis asked about distraction burglaries in the area, after hearing that con men were operating in the town.

But the police representatives claimed that although people should be vigilant distraction burglaries are rare.




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