Back in Time: Why was silent star visiting Market Square?

Aylesbury's Market Square in the 1940s

Aylesbury's Market Square in the 1940s

  • by Aylesbury historian Karl Vaughan

It’s a return to Market Square this week as we go back to the 1940s.

The woman walking towards us was a famous Hollywood actress called Bebe Daniels. Her acting career started at a very young age.

She was already in films by the time she was seven. At the age of fourteen she was starring alongside Harold Lloyd, the well-known silent film actor.

There were a series of films made with the pair and eventually they became romantically involved. Harold wanted to marry her but Bebe was focused on her career at the time.

In 1930 she married Ben Lyon and retired from acting in 1935. The question is though, what was she doing in Aylesbury in the 1940s? The town was a popular setting for filming as it was a picturesque old place.

However, it is unlikely that Bebe would have been acting as we know she had retired by then. It would be interesting to know why she was in the town.

Perhaps someone can write in and provide some details. Thanks to Rodney Dean for the loan of this photograph.




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