Back in Time: Master blacksmith had shop in village

High Street, Bierton

High Street, Bierton

  • by Karl Vaughan

A village scene from about 100 years this week as we visit High Street in Bierton.

There are an interesting variety of cottage designs here.

On the left is a thatched one probably dating from the 17th century with a later structure tagged on at its rear. In the middle is a semi-detached one with a half-hipped roof and beyond it is a Victorian terrace.

There is a sign with the name R Roberts visible above the girl with the bicycle.

Richard Roberts was the person referred to and he was a master blacksmith.

It appears from census records that this was a family trade as his father was also a blacksmith some years earlier.

This scene which is near the Bell pub has changed quite a lot since this photograph was taken. The thatched cottage is not there anymore and on its site now is a house which looks to date from the 1930s or ‘40s.

Why was the cottage demolished? The other buildings to its right still remain.

What has also changed is the road level – it is probably about 4 feet higher today than it was back then.




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