Back in Time: Fewer cars and more pond at local landmark

Walton Road, Aylesbury, in 1938

Walton Road, Aylesbury, in 1938

  • by Karl Vaughan

Walton Road with its pond in 1938.

This is an area that is very familiar to me as it is where I live. It is a view that has not changed a lot over the years.

Walton was once separate from Aylesbury but although it has been totally engulfed by the town it still retains its own identity.

Wendover Road can be seen facing the entrance to Walton Road and there were a few shops there, as well as the local post office.

Along the terrace on Walton Road are a couple of other shops, one being a confectioners and the other, a boot repair shop.

The pond looks a little different as there was no formal edge on one side of it in those days. Since then it has been reduced in size slightly and a pathway has been built between it and the road.




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