Back in Time: Busy street contained much loved toy shop

Buckingham Street, Aylesbury, in 1987

Buckingham Street, Aylesbury, in 1987

A more recent view this week as we visit Buckingham Street in 1987.

It’s hard to believe that this is almost 30 years ago. It only seems like yesterday.

Not much has changed as far as buildings go.

One that has disappeared is the old warehouse on the right with the ‘Sold’ sign attached.

This was built in the 1880s for Samuel Gulliver, the wine merchant and had various uses over the years until it became empty in the 1980s.

It was demolished in 1987 and Kingsbury Court was built in its place.

This was a small shopping centre with a cafe on the first floor.

It only lasted a few years and after it closed it was taken over by Bar Med.

The Kingsbury now occupies the building.

On the opposite side of the road is a shop that will no doubt trigger some happy memories.

It is Baker’s toy and cycle shop. Being born and bred in Aylesbury it is a place I am very familiar with and was often in there to drool over the toys and buy the odd spare part for my bike. It’s sad that things have to change.

The photograph was shot by the late Tony Wells.




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