Aylesbury’s high pornography use revealed



People in Aylesbury are among the biggest viewers of online pornography in the country, according to new statistics.

Aylesburians spend an average of 10 minutes 12 seconds viewing adult material per visit and access an average of 7.23 pages per visit, the 12th and 25th highest in the country respectively out of a total of 493 towns and cities.

The data comes from website Pornhub, which was visited 109.072 times by people in Aylesbury during 2013.

Ware in Hertfordshire had more demand for online pornography than any other UK town, with people lasting 10 minutes 37 seconds and clicking on 7.6 pages.

Tring’s usage was higher than Aylesbury, with people spending 10 mins 16 seconds and accessing 7.3 pages per visit.

Statistics for Aylesbury’s other neighbours include Thame with 9 mins 40 secs and 6.64 pages; Buckingham with 9 mins 46 secs and 6.8 pages; Wycombe with 9 mins 37 secs and 6.85 pages; and Milton Keynes with 9 mins 59 secs and 6.94 pages.

Billingshurst had the speediest users lasting 8 minutes 41 seconds and they also accessed the fewest pages at 5.55.




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