£10,000 project gets ENTIRE school year group playing stringed instruments at once

Pupils are learning to play stringed instruments

Pupils are learning to play stringed instruments

Listening to 20 seven-year-olds playing violin, viola and cello might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But teachers claim that a £10,000 project at Turnfurlong Infant School has instilled a love of music in the children that will last a lifetime.

For the first time this year every pupil in the school’s year two is learning a stringed instrument.

And on Tuesday the youngsters performed songs for their parents at a special recital.

Jan Tyson, headteacher at the school , said: “I went into one class last week and one of the children was playing a solo. His concentration was fantastic and when he finished the absolute joy on his face was amazing.

“They have call come so far in such a short space of time.

“We want the children to develop a love of music and we want them all to be aspirational and thank ‘I can do this.’ All of them are achieving so much.”

The project, which was offered to the school by music teacher Hugh Molloy, will now become part of the annual curriculum for year two.

Year two pupil India said: “I can tighten the bow myself. I do this so it makes a nice sound. I can play A, E, D and G. I’m trying to get daddy to buy me a violin.”

This year, learning this instruments is part of Strings And Things, the school’s annual initiative, and earlier this month 120 pupils aged between five and seven travelled to London to see the Classical Spectacular concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Jan said: “Choir stall seating enabled us to look down on the on the orchestra seeing all the instruments.

“The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, supported by the band of the Scots Guards, provided the music and two opera singers and a troupe of ballet dancers added to the wonderful production.

“Children and adults all jumped out of their seats when the cannon blasted and the guns fired.”




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