Lidington seeks ‘concrete evidence’ over Tring Road traffic fiasco

David Lidington MP pictured at the Tring Road / Oakfield Road traffic lights
David Lidington MP pictured at the Tring Road / Oakfield Road traffic lights

Aylesbury MP David Lidington is urging frustrated motorists to give him ‘concrete evidence’ on the need for changes in Tring Road following a ‘second wave’ of complaints over traffic problems.

Mr Lidington says he has had an increase in negative feedback about the traffic light system along Tring Road – turning off to Oakfield Road and King Edward Avenue – in Aylesbury.

Last year, the existing mini roundabout layout was replaced by a series of traffic lights thanks to investment from megadairy firm Arla.

The changes caused chaos at first, making Aylesbury town centre a no go area for several months.

Despite things settling down, Mr Lidington said he is hearing from more unhappy motorists.

He said: “After the lights were first installed, there were a lot of complaints but then the volume died down.

“Now I’m starting to see a second wave, where people are saying that they’re experience really bad traffic jams, and not necessarily always at peak times.

“They also mention concerns for pedestrian safety and the lights not letting enough cars through at any one time.”

Bucks County Council are carrying out an annual safety review with a view to looking at any adjustments that may need to be made.

Mr Lidington said he plans to gather data from a survey to present to Bucks County Council as ‘concrete evidence’ that change does need to happen.

He said: “I’ve been told that there are too many lights at that junction, and some drivers are getting confused about which one they are supposed to be looking at.

“A lot of what I have is just anecdotal evidence at the moment, so what we need is people to tell us exactly what they want to change.

“I hope they are specific, because I want to get a feel for exactly what the problems are and exactly where they are.

“We all arrange our lives around the estimated time of a journey – whether it be driving to work, school or to an appointment – and when people find they are being held up, it’s very disruptive. No-one likes to be stuck in a queue.”

A survey will be posted to residents in the Tring Road vicinity in the near future, but for those who want to fill it out online, visit www.