Is the Beast of Bucks really stalking Aylesbury Vale?

THE elusive Beast of Bucks has been spotted once again.

The sleek outline of a possible big cat has been captured on camera by a curious onlooker, who described the beast as 'prowling quite openly' on a public footpath before sloping off into the bushes.

Hayley Wharton had stopped her car outside the Co-op shop in Hawkslade while her sister Sarah Lyst visited the shop to buy a few items, when she spotted the creature.

The sighting happened at about 1pm on Boxing Day. Miss Wharton told her sister there was a large cat prowling around outside the shop and it was far too large to be a domestic cat. The two sisters managed to capture the beast's picture on a mobile phone.

Of course, this is not the first time the infamous Beast of Bucks has been spotted in the area - the last time being in August, following a series of vicious attacks on flocks of sheep, thought to be carried out by dogs but later suggestions pointed the blame at a big cat.

The most recent sighting was made by Jeff Roberts, a worker in Wing who claimed he saw the panther or puma-like creature between Weedon and Aston Abbots.

Mr Roberts said he was flagged down by the driver of a Land Rover who also witnessed the creature, which he initially thought was a black panther. The two watched the creature move around in the undergrowth for about 15 minutes before it eventually disappeared.

Miss Wharton, who used to work at St Tiggywinkles, said she didn't think it was any kind of domestic cat and that it very much resembled a big cat.

If Miss Wharton's predictions are correct, the Hawkslade sighting would mean it would be one of only 400 Scottish Wildcats left in the wild."

The Beast of Bucks has been spotted on many occasions since 1994, the first being in Towersey. Others that followed were sightings in 1999 in Watermead, 2003 in Princes Risborough and 2007 in Bledlow Ridge, to name but a few.

Have you seen the Beast of Bucks?

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