GCSEs: Strong individual performances from Mandeville pupils

Pupils receive their GCSE results at The Mandeville School in Aylesbury
Pupils receive their GCSE results at The Mandeville School in Aylesbury

There was some superb GCSE results for pupils at the Mandeville School, although teachers admitted they were disappointed with the pass rates for English and maths.

Thirty-eight per cent of pupils achieved five A*-C grades including English and maths, a rise of 1% on last year, and the school hopes this figure will rise when a number of pending GCSE results are revealed.

Ninety-five per cent of pupils managed to get five A*-G grades.

Outstanding students include:

> Aminah Shah: 1A*, 5A, 2B

> Beth Jones: 3A*, 3A, 2B

> James Skinner: 1A*, 1 Distinction*, 4A, 1B

> Charlie King: 1A*, 2 Distinction *, 3A, 2B

> Harry Adaway: 1A*, 2 Distinction*, 2A, 2B

> Connor Richards: 2A*, Distinction*, 2A, 3B

> Alex Hill: 4A, Distinction*, 2B

Geralyn Wilson, executive headteacher, said: “I am very encouraged by the improvement in most subject results this year because these reflect the considerable efforts and commitment from the students and the staff throughout the current academic year, as also reflected in the school’s two most recent Ofsted reports.

“Students have achieved excellent GCSE results in a large number of subjects: for example, in French a stunning 85% of students achieved C+, 83% achieved C+ in textiles, 80% achieved C+ in music and 70% in food technology.

“In BTEC health and social care very impressive 79% of students achieved a Distinction* and 100% pass rate was achieved in BTEC in music, business studies, child development, sports and health and social care.

“I have some concerns, however, about the school’s results in English and maths, which are lower than we expected.

“Nationally, there is concern among headteachers about the drop in English and maths results following significant changes to the exam system. We have already arranged for a number of exam papers in these subjects to be re-marked.

“I am pleased and proud of the school’s progress and development during this last challenging year.

“We have met, and often exceeded Ofsted’s demands and we are in exactly the right position to consolidate and move ahead with confidence and determination in the new academic year.”