Former Damien Hirst artist from Aylesbury sells work in town B&B (and prestigious New York gallery is also showing an interest)

Arden Blackwell  With artist Nicola Evans who is exhibiting at The Malt House Gallery in Walton Road, Aylesbury
Arden Blackwell With artist Nicola Evans who is exhibiting at The Malt House Gallery in Walton Road, Aylesbury

A young artist who has just left her job with the internationally-acclaimed Damien Hirst is showcasing her work at a gallery in town.

Former Grange and Sir Henry Floyd pupil Nicola Evans worked as a studio assistant for two years under Mr Hirst, but is now looking to succeed under her own name and work.

The 26 year old from Bierton has also been approached by The Agora art gallery in New York, which has shown an interest in exhibiting her work.

And in the meantime, Miss Evans will be selling her works at The Malthouse Gallery in Walton Road, Aylesbury. The gallery is part of the B&B of the same name.

Miss Evans, whose work mainly consists of atmospheric oil painted landscapes, said she got the job with Mr Hirst when she was living in Bristol, although she was unaware she would be working for the world famous artist until she got to the interview.

“I was absolutely petrified when I got there!” she said.

“I worked for Damien for two years and it was absolutely amazing. I was a specialist painter, carrying out work for him as requested. It was a really great experience. I remember seeing David and Victoria Beckham come into the studios, as well as Flea from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

“While working for Damien I learned a lot of different techniques and it helped broaden my horizons. His work is very different from mine and I was actually never a big fan until I went to work for him, and then I began to really see the value in his art.

“The piece I most enjoyed working on was the Butterfly Grids, which involved using real butterfly wings in a geometric-style pattern. I also worked on around three pieces which had been requested by celebrities.”

From September 14, Miss Evans will be selling her work at the Malthouse Gallery, with her paintings ranging from £100-£500. Miss Evans added that she is looking forward to exhibiting her work in Aylesbury, a town with which she has ‘a real connection’.

Gallery owner, Arden Blackwell, said she is excited to be able to give the young artist the platform to become recognised in her own right.

“I think she could become very collectible,” she said.

“I don’t think she realises quite what her potential is. I want her to believe in herself and hopefully this will give her a bit of a step up.”