Extra £5 a year for your Aylesbury Vale District Council services

Aylesbury Vale District Council
Aylesbury Vale District Council
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Council tax payers will be charged an average of £5 extra a year for services provided by the district council.

Aylesbury Vale District Council announced the price rise this week, which will amount to £5 per household per year for Band D properties. The increase will take effect from 1 April, and this means that residents will receive all of Aylesbury Vale District Council’s services for an average of £2.76 a week. Services the council provides include bin collections, street cleaning and upkeep of public parks and spaces. The council also oversees housing provision in the Vale, licensing, food safety, the collection of council tax, noise and air pollution and planning proposals.

Leader of AVDC, Neil Blake, said: “Over the last few years AVDC has become more of a commercial and customer-centric organisation, putting residents at the heart of all it does, whilst developing new concepts and radically changing the way that local government is perceived. We want to ensure that, despite the cuts in government funding that we face, we can continue to support all our key services to the excellent standard that our residents expect.”