Editor’s Comment: The fast changing face of our countryside

Roger Hawes
Roger Hawes

I don’t know about you but when I first moved to this area as a kid I remember the only sounds I could hear at night were those of the sheep or the combine harvesters working late into the night making sure the crops were brought in on time.

Summer school holidays were spent playing in the giant haystacks in the fields, farmers were your friends and the ‘living was fun and easy’.

Now of course life has moved on and that rural upbringing I enjoyed has had its wings clipped by the inevitable influx of more and more people intent on buying their stake in the beautiful green leafy countryside that is Buckinghamshire.

Towns and villages have now expanded beyond recognition as the modern world spreads its wings, as it should do.

Now business is booming in Bucks our communities continue to thrive, schools remain some of the best in the country and generally life is fine. The beautiful countryside is forgiving, bearing in mind the growth of some nearby urban sprawls and us country folk are thankful for a good standard of living and employment opportunities.

Some people have worked all their life and paid dearly to secure their piece of beautiful countryside, but their environment is now under serious threat.

The planned HS2 rail line alone will blight the environment for many decades, should it go ahead, and is guaranteed to rock people’s lives. Relentless house building has already taken its toll on Aylesbury and the surrounding areas with thousands more homes in the pipeline., This inevitably will take its toll on the road, health and education infrastructure.

The giant incinerator under construction at Calvert will do nothing to enhance the quality of life for people in that area and just when they are coming to terms with all this the Government serves up another whammy for the rural community north of Aylesbury... fracking.

So beautiful Bucks is under attack from all quarters and so big is the enemy that it is hard to imagine how to fight it off.

Many would say it is a losing battle and I have to say I agree as there seems to be a determined policy to modernise this country beyond all recognition.

Please don’t think I am some out of touch yokel as I have a reputation for embracing the brave new world but is it fair to keep assaulting people’s hard earned lifestyle like this?

Only time will tell but by then, it may be a little too late.