Editor’s Comment: Aylesbury is (still) my kind of town

Roger Hawes PNL-140220-123031001
Roger Hawes PNL-140220-123031001

Having lived in the Ayesbury area for more than 45 years I have begun to realise just how much I like the town and its village communities.

Aylesbury has always topped the list of being one of the fastest growing areas in the country and I believe it continues to do so.

So apart from the seven year blip of the last and longest recession in recent times, Aylesbury has always shown itself to be a virile economy, home to one of the best education systems and full of some of the most creative people around, which is why get irritated when I hear people diss the town claiming it is too dangerous to visit, or there is nothing to do.

Whilst I have been brought up here, I have spent most of my career working elsewhere so I have inside experience of communities on the ropes that really are crime ridden hell holes.

Aylesbury Vale remains one of the safest places to live so all this negative loose talk is based on very few facts.

How many towns do you know that have had their own radio station for 20 years (Mix 96), or had a world-wide famous music club in its midst (Friars).

Have you ever noticed the number of trees around and of course the Old Town area is definitely something to be proud of.

As a county town and a seat of power Aylesbury has had the benefits of housing County Hall, a fabulous museum and the Crown Court. Add that to the stop, start investment over the years and what you see today has the potential to be something really great.

Recent investment by a district council determined to lift the community out of the doldrums has of course seen the building of the Waterside Theatre, a host of new businesses moving into the town and, at long last, the development of the Waterside shopping project promised for years.

Aylesbury Vale is once again on the move.

But for us oldies that have lived here for a while there will be a price.

Building thousands of new homes has already put the infrastructure under pressure, doctors surgeries, dentists ,the hospitals and schools have all had to up their game to keep pace.Our cosy market town of old is no more but most Aylesburians still manage to protect its friendly community spirit.

Let’s hope the recent raft of proposals to expand even further are not a step too far.