Eastern growth for Aylesbury approved by district council

CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 10,000 new homes to the east of Aylesbury were given the green light at a full council meeting last night (Wednesday).

Under Aylesbury Vale District Council's core strategy, which was passed by the Conservative majority despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats, the homes will be built on both sides of Bierton and also near to Weston Turville.

Around 100 protesters gathered on the steps of the Civic Centre, where the meeting was held last night, and several made short presentations to the council on why the eastern growth arc should not be approved.

They claimed that the south of Aylesbury near Stoke Mandeville would be a better location, and that putting housing in the east would increase the risk of flooding and ruin the special ecology and environment of the area.

But after a debate which lasted neatly four hours, the core strategy was passed by 31 votes to 21. Two Conservative councillors, Ashley Bond and Andrew Cole, abstained.

The Core Strategy will now be handed in to the government. A six week period for public comment should be held in mid June.

An examination in public, presided over by a government inspector who will decide if the plans are sound, is likely to follow in Spring 2010.