Dry’s the limit for animal-themed airers

A grandma who got fed up with her boring white clothes horse dreamed up a range of imaginative designs which are now selling around the world.

Lindsey Russel, 57, was frustrated when the utility room in the home she designed with husband Greg Freiberg, 51, was cluttered up with her ‘boring’ airer.

Lindsey Russel with her airers

Lindsey Russel with her airers

She looked around for something nicer, but when she found nothing on the market she decided to make her own.

Lindsey drew a picture of Tilly Cat (named after her eldest grandaughter), and got a blacksmith friend to make up the feline design, then she found a firm in Slough which covered the frame in a brightly coloured finish, completing the airer of her dreams.

Soon friends and family were asking where Lindsey had got the wacky airer, and she came up with the idea of making it into a business.

Tilly Airers is now doing well online, and the range includes a UK made Tilly Dog, a Tilly Fish and a Tilly Butterfly.

Lindsey, who will be exhibiting the airers at Bucks County Show, said: “It’s all very exciting, the business is coming along well and we are getting a lot of sales coming through.

“We haven’t been to the big boys yet, eventually we will grow but at the moment we are keeping it exclusive and a little bit special.”

Lindsey, from Soulbury, added: “Already we have sold them all over the world to countries including New Zealand, Malta, Spain and Portugal.”

For more information visit www.tillyairers.co.uk