Dr Who fans invited to town centre regeneration

Maker Neal Davies with Darren the Dalek at the Bucks County Museum
Maker Neal Davies with Darren the Dalek at the Bucks County Museum
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An exhibition on popular family television programme Doctor Who is being planned at Bucks County Museum – all thanks to a Dalek called Darren.

The idea for the showcase came about after the museum was loaned Darren, who was made by Neal Davies, a technical television supervisor from Hawkslade.

Darren the Dalek

Darren the Dalek

Mr Davies said: “I built the Dalek a few years ago after a friend made a £20 bet that I would not be able to construct one to go as the front window display at our office.

“It is brilliant because it can talk, nod its head and light up.

“It is built out of plywood and fibreglass and is the same height and dimensions as the Daleks used in the TV series.”

The museum is now asking for loans of toys, games, costumes, books, posters, autographs and any other memorabilia related to the television series to sit alongside Darren.

Darren the Dalek

Darren the Dalek

Mr Davies, who works for Fremantle Media, a company that makes TV shows including Grand Designs and Escape to the Country added: “I hope people really get behind the exhibition.

“I decided that once I had built the Dalek there was no point in it sitting and gathering dust in my lounge, I might as well display it and I hope everyone feels the same about their items.”

The exhibition, which starts on July 25, is being co-ordinated by Phil Durtnal, a volunteer at the museum.

Mr Durtnal said: “We have got the Dalek and a Tardis but we still need lots of help from the public.

Some of the pieces used to make Darren the Dalek

Some of the pieces used to make Darren the Dalek

“I am hoping to have some swap cards soon and my godson in Cheshire has a lot of things which he will lend.”

Mr Durtnal, who has only been working at the museum for a month said: “I think they tasked me with co-ordinating the exhibition because they wanted to see if I could manage it!

“I have been thrown in at the deep end and I don’t quite know what will happen, but I’m looking forward to it.

“My personal memories of Doctor Who are watching some of the original episodes from behind the sofa during the 1960s!”

Anyone interested in contributing items to the upcoming exhibition should e-mail pdurtnal@gmail.com or you can contact the museum on 01296 331441.

Visitor service manager at the museum, David Erskine, added: “It is a real privilege for us to have this wonderful Dalek made by Neal.

“This exhibition is really exciting for us because we hope it will connect with all the generations and get lots of families to come to the museum.”