District council elections 2015: Case for Labour

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Do you think councillors should stand up for all local people?

Do you think the people of Aylesbury Vale are best served by a Council where there is a thoughtful and determined opposition?

Robin Stuchbury

Robin Stuchbury

If your answers are yes, Vote Labour in the May local elections.

Without fear or favour, often against fierce opposition, your Labour councillors have successfully achieved better housing allocation so that people get to live nearer to their families; the licensing of houses in multiple occupation to prevent nuisance and rising rents; the webcasting of AVDC meetings to improve accountability (against initial opposition from the Tories).

We will continue to campaign for decent investment across the Vale, north and south, so that everyone gets a fair deal; better public transport to boost the local economy and help young people access new skills; open discussion of fracking to ensure a greener Vale; public debate about ​u​nitary local government that ensures the fairest outcomes for all.

Only Labour has been prepared to check, and check again, the Council’s performance, pushing hard for sound economic development that respects the Vale’s environment and ensures opportunity for the many, not just the few; a proper local housing plan, with more affordable homes and protection for tenants in the rented sector; services that never overlook those in greatest need.

Labour councillors will always listen to you, work hard for you and use their local knowledge to hold those with power to account.