Developers scale down ambitions at former job centre site

View looking towards Heron House
View looking towards Heron House

Proposals to add a single floor of apartments to a prominent town centre office block have been submitted to the council, following plans for two extra storeys being refused.

Developers want to turn the former job centre at Heron House in Buckingham Street into around 50 town centre flats.

Having been told the district council is likely to back the conversion of the existing building into apartments they originally applied to add two storeys to the top of the block, containing an additional seven flats.

However, Aylesbury Vale District Council recently refused this, stating that exacerbate the prominency and stridency of the building within the Buckingham Street and New Street street scenes, more distant views of the site, the skyline and the locality in general. The resultant building would appear incongruous to the context and would detrimentally impact on the visual amenities of the area’.

The applicants have now scaled down their ambitions, asking for outline permission to build ‘a single storey roof addition comprising five apartments’.

The district council will decide on the proposals at a later date.