Countryside enthusiasts answer the bugle horn's call in the Vale

BOXING day hunts in the Vale proved to be more popular than ever before over the Christmas period.

Thousands of people turned out to hunts that set off from the grounds of Winslow Hall and Cholesbury Common.

Miles Hewitt, a secretary for the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt, said: "It was very successful again this year with 116 people out mounted and about 2,500 people there from the general public.

"It's a day for letting people know that we are still around, most of them came out just for the day and we had a good trot round the countryside.

"We don't do a huge amount when we're out, we just have arun around with some trails."

However, animal cruelty campaigner, Judy Gilbert, believes the hunts still break the law and kill foxes with hounds despite laws banning the practice.

Speaking about events she has monitored in the past, she said: "Why would they be so bothered about us being there if they aren't hunting illegally?"

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