Councillor joins calls to make roundabout safer

The Meadowcroft, Devereux Place roundabout, Aylesbury
The Meadowcroft, Devereux Place roundabout, Aylesbury

A politician is backing residents’ demands to improve safety at a town roundabout.

The Bucks Herald reported last week about concerns over the roundabout in Meadowcroft and Devereux Place, on the A41 Bicester Road.

And in the past few days further incidents have been reported at the roundabout.

Andy Huxley, UKIP town and district councillor for Quarrendon says it is time for the council ‘to sort out’ problems at the roundabout.

Mr Huxley said: “How many accidents need to happen before something is done?

“The problem is that because most of the collisions are minor shunts they are not reported and so don’t come up in statistics.

“In the last week, there was an incident with a lorry travelling towards Bicester too fast and hitting a car trying to get out of Meadowcroft.

“I am hoping to set up a meeting with the county council to see what can be done.

“I think traffic calming measures should be introduced.

“They could look at reducing the speed limits as well but personally I don’t think that would make much difference.”

Devereux Place resident Linda Whyte-Wood, 62, said she felt the roundabout was very dangerous.

She said: “I do not even attempt to cross that road now because it is just so dangerous.

“I have three grandchildren who are aged five, six and 11 who live down the road and I worry about them.

“When my daughter-in-law had problems with her car recently my heart was in my mouth as I watched them trying to cross the road.

“ I think something should have been done about this roundabout three or four years ago.”

Last week we reported how the Cordell family in Devereux Place has had three cars written off at the roundabout.