Cool Lee McQueen tackles ice cream business in The Apprentice

PRINCES Risborough's Lee McQueen is through to round six of The Apprentice, despite his team losing this week's challenge.

Lee was on the Alpha team, spearheaded by Lucinda Ledgerwood.

The task was to come up with some tasty ice cream and sell it to businesses around London.

Lee suggested tea flavoured ice cream, although this did not seem to get off the ground.

But he was soon full of praise for Alpha's two chosen flavours, Toffee Apple and Avocado & Chilli.

"I smelt perfection and I love it!" the 30-year-old declared, adding: "I'm telling you now it's toffee apple! We are going to make millions!"

However, he was a little over-confident- Alpha made only 1273 compared to rivals Renaissance's 1455.

In the boardroom post-mortem, the ever-loyal Lee defended Lucinda when she came under attack from Jennifer Maguire and Lindi Mngaza.

In the end mogul Sir Alan Sugar, who is offering the eventual winner a top job with his company, fired Lindi.

As second in command, she had failed to stop Jennifer from agreeing to a disastrous exclusivity contract with a cinema and restaurant chain.

Next week, the contestants will tackle the greeting card business.

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