Be warned! Binmen won’t collect your recycling if they find a plastic bag in it

One of AVDC's blue-lidded recycling bins

One of AVDC's blue-lidded recycling bins

Environment chiefs have warned residents to stop putting plastic bags in their blue-lidded bins as the authority is slapped with for ‘contaminated’ recycling.

No plastics bags can be recycled in Aylesbury Vale District Council’s household recycling scheme, and if a bin lorry is contaminated with them, recycling operators will reject the load and the council has to cough up.

Refuse collectors are required to search each bin and if a plastic bag is found, it won’t be emptied and an advisory tag will be hung on it to explain the non-collection.

Although some plastic bags bought in supermarkets claim they are recyclable, AVDC does not yet have the facilities to take plastic bags of any form.

For the time being, those who are conscious of their carbon footprint can use the dedicated plastic bag recycling containers found at most major supermarket entrances.

Cabinet member for environment and health Sir Beville Stanier said: “It can be confusing for residents and we don’t blame them for thinking the recycling branding on plastic bags means they can put them into their blue-lidded bins with the rest of their recycling.

“However, we’re keen to make sure everyone realises that isn’t the case. These bags can only be recycled in dedicated plastic bag containers which you usually find at major supermarkets.

“If people continue to put bags in their blue-lidded bins then the council will have more and more loads rejected and sent instead to landfill. None of us want that.”

For a full list of what you can and can’t put in your bin, see inside the lid or visit recycling page on the AVDC website here




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