Cannabis factory uncovered by police in Aylesbury raid

Police remove equipment from the house (above). PC Thomas Piercy with some of the drugs (below)
Police remove equipment from the house (above). PC Thomas Piercy with some of the drugs (below)

Large quantities of cannabis have been seized by police during a raid on an Aylesbury house as part of ongoing operations against drugs in the town.

The residents were suspected of running a cannabis factory from the Hastoe Park home, and around 300 plants were found throughout the house, including in the garage.

The property was empty at the time of the raid and police are still tracking the residents.

Neighbours, who expressed shock at the raid, said two men in their 30s had been regularly seen at the house, but they had never socialised with people in the area.

Resident Tom Clark said he had been suspicious for some time.

Mr Clark said: “When it was snowing in the winter no snow was settling on their roof. It must have been because of the heat. I said to my wife ‘they’re cooking up cannabis in there’, but she said it must just be that they have bad insulation.

“The other thing that seemed strange was they had put a big bit of locking equipment on the garage door but they didn’t have a car.”

Mr Clark said he saw a plain-clothed officer outside the house shortly before the raid.

Six officers entered the property at around 10am today (Monday), executing a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Sgt June Pittendrigh said the search was based on evidence from the community and was to continue to reassure people in the wake of Aylesbury’s biggest ever drug busts on September 18.

Sgt Pittendrigh said: “It’s a reasonable amount of drugs to take off the streets.”

One neighbour said: “I have been suspicious the last couple of weeks. Someone said they thought that’s what they were doing in there.”

Another resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We are shocked. We didn’t know anything was going on at all.”