Build HS2 station in Aylesbury – by widening track by 20 metres

IT may not seem the most obvious group to respond to the consultation, but the Motorcycle Riders Association has waded into the HS2 debate.

The association is calling for the high speed rail lines to be widened to 40 metres so two additional tracks can be laid along the entire length of the route.

Under the existing plans, the line featuring two tracks would be 22 metres wide. The association, which is based in Coventry, is calling for four tracks to be laid.

In its submission to the government it suggests two of the tracks could carry trains running at 225mph.

The two remaining tracks could carry slower trains that would stop at brand new stations along the route from London to Birmingham.

It calls for new stops in Aylesbury or Buckingham, and Kenilworth. in Warwickshire.