Boys threaten girls, 12, with eight-inch kitchen knife as they walked home from school

The Grange School in Aylesbury

The Grange School in Aylesbury

A boy has been expelled from school after he chased two young girls across town brandishing an eight-inch kitchen knife.

The teenage student, who attended The Grange School, allegedly threatened to stab the two friends outside a shop in Jansel Square, Bedgrove, before he and a friend chased the terrified girls into the town centre. The girls then called 999 after hiding in bushes near Aqua Vale.

It is understood police dogs were deployed to hunt for the boys.

They are thought to have been arrested shortly afterwards.

According to one parent the Year 8 boys had the knife in school several days beforehand, but only one of the teens has been permanently excluded following the incident.

Mother Colette Bassinder said she thinks the school is not treating it seriously enough.

She said: “We have considered taking her out of school but why should we? We don’t want to wreck her life over this. She’s terrified to go to school.

“Every night when she goes to bed she asks whether the other boy will still be there, and I have to say I don’t know.

Amanda Garratty, mother to the other girl, said: “She’s scared to death, but the school won’t do anything. Other parents should know about this.

“They’re supposed to have a no knife policy, but what sort of message is that sending out if that boy is still there?”

Headteacher at The Grange Vince Murray said: “The student responsible has been dealt with and now I have to make decisions based upon the information I have received. The parents of the children involved fully understand the position of the school.

“I understand the sensitivities around this topic at the moment, but I am explicit when I tell students that if they are caught carrying an offensive weapon, it will result in immediate expulsion.

“In the nine years I have been head here, this is the second incident involving a knife so this is not an everyday occurrence, but it’s sad that incidents like this detract from the good work the school is doing. Pupils tell me they feel safe and happy here.”

Mr Murray said the school on Wendover Way is working with police on the incident, which happened last term.

Thames Valley Police did not answer repeated calls from The Bucks Herald for details about the incident.

In February, a 13-year-old pupil from Wendover’s John Colet School was arrested after threatening a Year 11 student with a knife. Police confirmed the boy was given a youth caution which will remain on his criminal record.




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