Back in Time: Work underway on Friars Square

Construction of Friars Square shopping centre in Aylesbury
Construction of Friars Square shopping centre in Aylesbury

In the middle of 1965 a major transformation was underway in Aylesbury town centre.

Here we see the building site of Friars Square Shopping Centre viewed from the Bourbon Street area.

In the background is Market Square.

The photograph was taken shortly after Silver Street, Silver Lane and old Friarage Road had been wiped from the town map.

As this part of town was centuries old the decision to clear everything and build a shopping centre on it was a controversial move by the planners.

Some years ago I did a book about the 1960s and for my research I spent many hours reading editions of the Bucks Herald and Advertiser from every week in that decade.

As someone who has a keen interest in old buildings it was a depressing time.

Almost every month there was a news item about a particular building that had to come down due to it being unsafe.

It was like a frenzy and by the end of the 1960s Aylesbury was a very different place.