Back in Time: Homes made way for car park and Safeway

Friarage Road in Aylesbury in 1965
Friarage Road in Aylesbury in 1965

This is Friarage Road in 1965.

The road had only just been laid between Oxford Road and Great Western Street.

The property pictured here was called Friarscroft and once had a massive garden stretching all the way down to Bearbrook.

The roadway carved its way through the garden, creating a large piece of wasteground that was later used as a car park and eventually was bought by the supermarket chain Safeway.

Two other properties near Friarscroft had their gardens ruined too, namely The Primroses which was halfway up Rickfords Hill and later demolished, and The Friarage which still exists today. Friarscroft is slowly being demolished here.

The tiles are being removed from the roof and soon the whole building would be levelled to make way for the second carriageway of Friarage Road.