Back in Time: County tower replaced handsome buildings

Walton Street, Aylesbury, 1931
Walton Street, Aylesbury, 1931

This is Walton Street in about 1930 and was photographed not long after the old County Offices were completed.

Not a lot has changed on that side of the road.

The railings were removed during World War II and the old timber-framed building immediately adjacent to the offices has since been demolished.

Further up the street are the White Swan and Bell Hotel. We then come to Silver Street which ran parallel to Market Square.

The Greyhound Hotel is at the bottom of the street, on the corner of Great Western Street.

Opposite the old County Offices are a number of handsome old buildings, one of which was Walton Cottage, a large Regency house with extensive gardens at the rear.

Just visible is the white facade and front railings.

The house was then home to Oscar Vaughan Viney, once High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire.

Next to the house is a small cottage and behind the tall tree, set back from the road was another large private house.

Further up the street as far as the junction were a number of shops.

That entire side of Walton Street has all gone, as has Silver Street.

Friars Square and County Hall now dominate the area.