A cat with a curfew because of his bad boy antics is missing

Oscar the cat
Oscar the cat

A pet owner has appealed for help after her ‘anti-social’ cat who once appeared in a TV advert and is known for terrorising the neighbourhood went AWOL after jumping onto a delivery van.

Oscar, of Wingrave, a five-and-a-half year old Turkish Van cat, was last seen by owner Caroline Hughes on Wednesday October 17.

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She suspects he is likely to have got lost after jumping onto a delivery van.

In 2010 Oscar appeared in a Ikea TV advert, which featured 100 cats roaming around a store in Wembley.

Ms Hughes, 36, a telecoms worker, said: “My worry is that he’s going to end up causing trouble in a new neighbourhood and that others won’t be as tolerant as the people in my village have been.”

In the past the police have been called out about his behaviour and Oscar now has an owner-imposed curfew.

Ms Hughes jokes his ‘reign of terror’ started when she was regulary approached by dog owners who asked her to ‘call my cat off their dog’.

Oscar was so determined to repeatedly get into one neighbours house that they had to install a special micro-chipped cat flap which only allowed access to his pets.

“The worst situation he got in prompted the police to arrive on my doorstep,” said Ms Hughes.

“A man locally had tried to pick him up and remove him from his house, but Oscar had got scared and ended up scratching him really badly.”

“More recently a new neighbour had moved in to the street bringing four cats and a dog. The dog was terrified of him within days and the cats have long since stopped going outside because Oscar would just sit there and wait.

“He’s always been worse in the evenings and at night, which is why for the last 18 months I’ve gone out walking the streets at dusk to find him and bring him inside - trying to make sure the neighbours and their pets could at least have peace while they slept.

“I had also started keeping him in on sunny weekends in the summer, just so people could enjoy having their windows and doors open without him inviting himself in.

“He’s got into the odd fight with cats that tried to stand up to him over the years, but it’s mostly psychological.

“I’ve honestly never understood why he’s like he is. He’s a different cat completely when he’s at home - about as daft, friendly and adorable as you can imagine in fact.

“He’s neutered too, which is supposed to reduce aggression and territorial behaviour, but in his case it appears to have made no difference.”

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