£100 million proposal to extend bypass to Aylesbury

Martin Tett
Martin Tett

A proposal to extend the Dunstable bypass to Aylesbury, improving the Vale’s access to the M1, is among the proposals in an infrastructure wishlist for the South East of England.

The Mind The Gap report, backed by Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett, says the extension would cost between £80 million to £100 million.

The scheme would be a boost for businesses and commuters who would be able to connect to the motorway network in a lot less time – plus there would be huge benefits for villages along the A418, such as Wing, where congestion would be reduced.

Mr Tett said: “Aylesbury is a growing town that is very likely to carry on growing.

“With this increased population growth we need to improve transport links.

“We at Bucks County Council do not have the money to spend on these schemes and so we are making the case to central government for some investment from them.”

The report states that ‘extending the high quality road route from Dunstable to Aylesbury by building a bypass would avoid congestion and delays in the village of Wing.

‘This would improve commuting and supply chain links to the fast growing Aylesbury area.

‘It would also deliver better network resilience between the M1 and M40.

‘The motorways are furthest apart near Aylesbury, so the new route would provide an alternative to the A43 link further north.’

‘Additional benefits would include better transport connections for rural areas in north Buckinghamshire and central Bedfordshire, giving a substantial population better access to the M1 and regional centres at Aylesbury and Milton Keynes.’

The estimated cost of building the bypass is between £80 and £100m.

Mr Tett added it was by no means certain that the scheme would get the go-ahead.

He said: “The Government has lots of schemes like this to consider so there is no guarantee it will actually happen.

“From our point of view, if we don’t ask then we won’t ever get these things.”

The report was jointly produced by the South East Strategic Leaders (SESL) and South East England Councils (SEEC).

SEEC director Heather Bolton explained why the scheme was included in the report.

She said: “Aylesbury is an area that is growing and looking at the scheme from a regional viewpoint anything that reduces congestion and delays in an area is a worthy project.

“The A418 and A4146 are high speed roads and these would benefit from a bypass.

“If Aylesbury had better links with the M1 that would also bring benefits to new businesses because it would make the town more accessible for them.”