1,500 pupils brave the rain for Olympic-themed party in Vale Park Aylesbury

Aylesbury got a surprise today when more than 1,500 children descended on Vale Park.

The event saw 17 primary schools across Bucks join forces for a special Olympic celebration this afternoon.

Children got well into the spirit of things at Aylesbury Schools Together despite the downpours

Children got well into the spirit of things at Aylesbury Schools Together despite the downpours

While the rain meant some had to pull out of Aylesbury Schools Together, chief organiser and headteacher of Broughton Junior School Paul Stephens estimated that up to a dozen schools turned up and that the event was ‘quite a statement.’

“We had a brilliant day. From the outset the forecast was good, but when we got there this morning it was raining and it carried on. We accepted we were going to get wet and have a fun day.

“We are all buzzing and could do one next week especially if we had the good weather. We showed the kind of survival and great British mentality you would expect today.”

The children arrived at the park at midday to be treated to a specially constructed stage with live music and performances from each of the schools. There were plenty of various Olympic nations represented as the children embarked upon a parade around the town before returning to the park for a grand finale and closing ceremony.

Mr Stephens added: “Some of the kids have gone away saying ‘it was the best day of my life’ and they really enjoyed it. While we take some of those extremes with a pinch of salt, they did really enjoy it.

“They were getting up and getting down.

“The key was the link with the Olympics, handing on the flame and sharing something together. It was a nice way of linking it in. We were representing all the competing nations and representing all the various heritages of children in our schools.”

Queried as to whether such an event would be replicated, Mr Stephens praised the ‘team effort’ which went into the event and said there would be definitely be a ‘commitment to working together’ between the schools in future.